Motorola V3 Razr, beauty really is only skin deep

So about a month ago I finally get my spanking new Motorola V3 Razr handset upgrade. It comes in a slick metal box with wireless hands-free kit, leather pouches, and loads of other crap I don’t use.

I really love gadgets, and this phone has everything. The interface is slow, but the phone’s looks make up for that. Last Monday I get an sms, and the phone shits itself. Maybe I pressed two buttons at the same time? Now the only button which works is the power button. This doesn’t get you very far, and is only useful for hanging up on annoying clients. So I spent a morning offline trying to hunt down the Motorola repair shop, only to find out that although the phone is under warranty I have to wait seven bloody days for the phone to get fixed…

So now I’m using my Nokia 3310 which I’ve had for five years and still works perfectly, and my Nokia 6310i also went through two years of hell with me and came out unscathed. So tell me, if Motorola spent less on advertising, would their phones be able to compete with Nokia’s?

Update: If you’re searching for skins, good luck. I didn’t find any, but Zedge has free (no, really) wallpaper at 176×220 resolution, which fits the phone perfectly.