Marketing yourself

sell yourselfIf you have ever felt guilty asking for money for your services, even when you knew you were providing excellent value, then you need to read Steve Pavlina’s Marketing from your conscience. [Link via Steve’s weblog]And this doesn’t just apply to marketing some product, but also to marketing yourself. How often have you turned away from a relationship or friendship because you felt that you weren’t good enough or providing enough value to the other person? If that’s the case, then you need to sit down and make a list of things you’ve down that provide value. The list can include simple things like “made her laugh when she was down” or “gave good relationship/business/lifestyle advice” all the way up to the huge things like “helped start his business” or “hooked her up with her husband“. You need to create and evaluate this list objectively, by imagining you were a neutral observer for all these events, not her brother that hates you or her friend with a hidden agenda.When you do this, then you realise that all the small things you do add up to a huge amount of value far above your initial perceptions. You are valuable regardless of what others say. And if they don’t appreciate your value, either you’re not marketing yourself properly or they’re not worth your time. Just don’t try to bill your friend with the list afterwards!