Expanding Brain Book Club

intelligence is...Just a couple of interesting book lists I’ve stumbled across. If only I had the time… There’s quite a few of these lists going around, thanks to Seth Godin’s MBA program idea, but these are the only lists which I’ll bother with with as I’ve already read a few of the books on them.“In the context of learning useful knowledge that will make you a more productive and valuable employee, I maintain that you can educate yourself effectively for less than a quarter of the time and money spent in most current MBA programs.”The Josh Kaufman “Personal MBA” Program“…we’re teaching people to think in an integrative fashion, pairing left-brain analytics with right-brain synthesis. Mastering this way of thinking doesn’t happen overnight. You get there by reading, hanging out with interesting folks, and generally living life out loud.”Design Thinking BooksAnd I managed to find a copy of Seth Godin’s The Bootstrapper’s Bible here, which so far seems like an excellent read for people thinking of boostrapping a startup with little or no money. It was originally promoted on changethis.com for two weeks; if you haven’t been to this site, go there now. It’s filled with some brilliant manifestos.