Deception should be taught in schools

chameleonDeception. Animals and plants do not deceive except for survival through camouflage, etc.Humans deceive for anything from survival to something as simple as lying about whether they used the last of the toilet paper.Deception is a useful survival trait for animals and plants, but we humans have abused it so much that we even lie to ourselves to justify wrongful actions. Life would be a lot simpler if we lost the capability for deception, unable to hide our true nature from others, there would be no murder, no theft, no manipulation, and no broken hearts from someone confessing a false love for another.But isn’t this ability to deceive something which is necessary for our survival and success?If deception isn’t needed, shouldn’t natural selection or God have removed it from our survival toolkit?So it seems deception is a valuable tool whether we like it or not, and understanding that everyone from marketers to your three year old child will be using it against you is part of our current reality, and this is the most valuable lesson you can learn. Unfortunately, no on is willing to teach it, since deception is seen as evil, even though we all use it sometimes without always realising it.We need to teach children about deception. Not necessarily how to deceive, but how to recognise it and guard against it. If more people could use critical thinking and an enlightened perception to see through deceit there would be fewer wrecked lives and business would be more effective, because trust would be given more freely to the right people. We should not hide the darker side of human nature from children, but should teach them about it so they do not repeat the mistakes which their parents are too ashamed to admit making in their past.And in terms of business, the only truly successful people are those who haven’t used deception to mislead, manipulate, or hide the truth on the road to their success. Having more money does not mean you’re more successful than someone else who isn’t deceitful.