Bring out your inner monkey

mad monkey skillsNo, not that one! I started climbing at CityROCK climbing gym about two months ago, and I’m loving it. More fun than gym, and a tougher workout because you’ve got goals to reach; running on the treadmill for half an hour isn’t a concrete achievement, but making it to the top of a grade 20 route is, and it’s these small feelings of success that keep you motivated. It also involves a lot of problem solving, so it’s great stress relief since you’re completely focused on the puzzle of getting to the top (it’s called Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience).They run a beginners course for R125 which includes the training and a week entrance to the gym with equipment rental, so it’s incredibly cheap to try out. And don’t worry, you do get ropes. The photo is from the 3m high bouldering section where they have thick mats to stop you busting your melon on the floor.