Life Support Contracts, or Please Kill Me

terri schiavoTerri Schiavo, if you haven’t heard, is in a persistent vegatative state in Florida somewhere, and her husband has had a court ruling to remove her feeding tubes and let her starve to death. Now I don’t know all the details, and I don’t care in any case. Abstract appeal has an in-depth analysis of the case, so go there if you want the (boring) details. For me, this is just sick and inhumane. If she is going to be killed, shouldn’t it be done humanely via lethal injection instead of this twisted starvation method? If I turn into a vegetable, I hope they kill me quickly and painlessly.If you haven’t yet, go write a life support contract. This contract should say that if you have an accident, and a miracle hasn’t recovered your mental abilities to a viable level (via pre-determined tests), then you should be allowed assisted suicide by the proper medical authorities. The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation argues that she has not received proper rehabilitation treatment. Now that’s a problem, as miracles are pretty rare these days, so remember to put in a clause that says that they have to try to rehabilitate you for a year or more before they send you on your permanent vacation.