So many books, so little space…

book overloadYou know you have a book addiction when you think about buying more shelves to hold your books instead of buying less books…The best way I’ve found of dealing with an overload of books is to take all the books

  • you haven’t picked up in a year
  • aren’t likely to read again
  • aren’t using as a reference
  • etc.

and put them in a big pile. Burning this pile is an option if you’re as incredibly lazy as I am, but a better choice is to donate them all to your local library. That way you know where to find them if you ever need them again.Another option is to start up a book exchange website with trust metrics like eBay, but it’s unlikely you’ll find anyone trading their prize books, and these are the books I’m usually after.Lisa Haneberg over at Management Craft has some of her thoughts on book overload in Tip of the Day – #22.Any other good ideas?