A True African Cinema Experience

Good ideaThe majority of our nation has never had an opportunity to make use of accessible and economical cinemas. Furthermore most films shown in South Africa were, and still are, in English. Which precludes a vast number of our population from being able to enjoy going to the movies. This is all about to change. Thanks to a new company called Shout Africa.Shout Africa will launch twenty digital cinema’s across the country that will give thousands of historically disadvantaged South Africans the chance to enjoy full length feature-films and a true ‘cinema experience’ in their communities. And more importantly, a number of these films will carry sub-titles in the various vernacular languages depending on the area in which they are being shown.Bad ideaTo add to the movie-going experience, a variety of food and beverages will be available for purchase at each venue. In addition to the usual snacks, traditional South African foods, such as pap, wors, samp, mealies and fried chicken will be on sale.I’d love to see how they’re going to keep these cinemas affordable when they’re going to have a cleaning bill at least triple the amount a standard cinema pays. Maybe charge R10, but give people a R4 credit towards their next movie if the cinema is clean when everyone leaves?Read Sithengi’s press release.