First Annual Blog Wars (aka Waste of Bloody Time)

dog fightJo’blog attacked 2Oceansvibe on the basis that 2Oceansvibe isn’t a blog.I’ve been trying to ignore this issue, since I think it’s a complete waste of energy. And with the comment “He’s a pretentious sounding twat”, I knew it was simply a matter of time before the personal attacks started flying. I agree with Seth, his site is a blog, albeit running on outdated technology. This doesn’t matter to the majority of his target audience, because they just see it as another website. But for other bloggers his site sucks, because we can’t link to articles, comment on articles, have a feed notify us when its been updated, etc. These are all just features that make our lives easier, when we know how to use them of course, but they don’t define a site as a blog. And Seth’s audience of drinking, partying, reality TV watching, Paris Hilton adoring fans (I’m generalising wildly here, sorry) don’t care about those features, they just want something to kill time and entertain them. Seth has isolated himself from the blogger community, but he’s getting a lot of traffic by the looks of it. Isn’t that what you meant by “Ignore other bloggers!” Rich?And just remember that the awards were based on public votes, so even though 2Oceansvibe isn’t the “Best overall blog” in most peoples’ minds, it’s obviously the “Most popular blog”. The awards are for popularity, which is a small part of being the “best”, so don’t automatically assume that your blog is crap because someone else’s is the best. If you want to be win an award for being popular, you have to cater to the masses. But if you want your blog to be the “best” as you define it, then you’re probably not going to be the most popular. And it’s amazing how, with a lack of anything of substance to argue about, people start wildly attacking Jo’burgers and Capetonians as if it’s a fucking war between provinces now. Get over yourselves, and spend your energy on writing something I actually want to read!