Six ways to get your lazy ass out of bed

Bert lists Six Ways to Jump-Start Your Day on OpenLoops. I’ll probably give them a try this week, but my biggest problem is getting jarred awake by my alarm while I’m in the middle of a dream. Every time that happens I’ll be sleepwalking till 11am, like my brain is punishing me for trying to kick it out of dreamland by stubbornly refusing to reconnect with my senses. And it always happens on a Monday… Think I need a sleeptracker or sleepsmart alarm clock, but until they’re being sold locally we’ll be blocked from buying them on Amazon, just in case we start building missiles and electronic warfare systems with them… Someone needs to tell them that MacGyver was just a TV show, not many people are going to build a cruise missile from duct tape, paperclips, an alarm clock, two moudly bananas, and a slinky…[Link via SlackerManager]