The Virtues of Winging It

eagle flightDebra Wierenga’s article The Virtues of Winging It is great reading for those of us who feel guilty for not making plans and tend to aim at general goals and just do what feels right.

  • Choice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Instead of spending hours agonising over making the perfect choice, just choose the option which is good enough. You’ll feel better, and it will give you time to make other choices and get further in life.
  • Self-actualization is not a permanent state. …the only choice you really have to worry about–Maslow called it the “primal choice”–is between your own inner voice and the opinions of other people.
  • Life and liberty are worthy goals, but the pursuit of happiness is a wild goose chase. There is no such thing as ‘lasting happiness’, happiness always wears off. So instead of hunting down happiness, just follow your heart and try to increase the number of things you do which make you happy, if only for a minute or an hour.