Mentat Wiki – Becoming a human computer

The Mentat Wiki is a collaborative environment for exploring ways to become a better thinker. Topics that can be explored here include MemoryTechniques, MentalMath, CriticalThinking, BrainStorming, ShorthandSystems, NotebookSystems, and SmartDrugs. Other relevant topics are also welcome. How have you made yourself smarter?Sounds like a great idea, but I’ve steered clear of various memory systems and the like due to my fear that they might somehow restrict my brain capacity by locking me into certain ways of thinking. I’m one of those people who expect their unconscious to eventually reveal a solution when the time is right, usually after some creative prodding, feeding, and nurturing. And who wants to be a Mentat (human computer) anyway? I’d rather just use a search engine to look up stuff I’ve forgotten rather than filling my brain up with cruft I might need at some unforeseen point in the future.But ignore my uninformed whining, because there are some gems in there, like An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth in the creative thinking section.[Link via 43folders]