No business case for blogging

pop the hype balloonGraeme Thickins’ says Enough With the Blogging Already. Big businesses aren’t interested in blogging because there is no business case for it. The only businesses that benefit from blogging are small media/marketing/tech companies who have passion and can use it to find new work and contacts. You can’t fake passion, and I doubt you’d find one person in a big company who’s really passionate, not even the CEO. So is blogging in big business a case of a round peg and square hole? Or will it work if the CEO happens to be passionate, like Steve Jobs? Businesses are notoriously secretive, so everything we’re interested in reading won’t be put on a blog. Apple isn’t likely to start up a MacRumours blog for example.But this is all from a business perspective. What’s good for the company and all that. But what we as customers want is vastly different. And is our voice loud enough to change the way business behaves? I hope so, and with blogging I believe our voice is being amplified. I for one would like to see more transparency and honesty in the way businesses operate.Take the case of the Kryptonite bike lock that could be picked with a Bic pen. Kryptonite tried to cover that up with the typical marketing bull, but the story had already spread like wildfire over the blogosphere, so they had lost before they even started. Customers are getting louder, and business is going to have to listen whether they like it or not. And if business can’t use blogging to amplify their voice, too bad, because they’ll just have to sit back and listen to our’s!