Oysters and other sea-boogers considered harmful

Yes, not only do they taste awful, they also happen to carry human diseases. So although that fine brunette you’re working on may be turned on after shnarfing that plate of oysters, she might also have picked up a wonderful case of syphilis with a side order of explosive diarrhea. Mmmm, fun.Clams, mussels and oysters are important vehicles for the transmission of enteric diseases when consumed raw or undercooked. Vibrio species, including human pathogens, are particularly abundant in bivalve tissues, where they can persist even after cleaning procedures, thus representing a potential risk for human health. Although different environmental factors are well known to affect the persistence of vibrios in these organisms, the key role of the interactions between vibrios and the immune system of bivalves has been recently highlighted by scientists from the Universities of Genova and Urbino (Italy) in Environmental Microbiology.”[Link via Boingboing]