Being an optimist is hard

Maybe it’s just me – I should probably practice being a callous bastard instead – but when someone asks me for emotional support, what they’re really after is a human wastebasket they can dump their problems in to avoid having to deal with them. Notice the politically correct avoidance of gender here, cunning no?

If a negative person says you’re a good listener…run, RUN LIKE HELL! They’re just getting ready to kill any chances you had of enjoying the next hour or so. Most people will complain once or twice and sort it out themselves, but negative people will piss on your battery every time they see you, until you run out of excuses to avoid them.

It’s getting to the point where I’m going to be honest and say, “I’d like to see you, but I’m sick of your constant, draining self-pity. I’ve given you enough advice, now sort your shit out.”

It’s difficult being an optimistic, positive person in our current society, because the negative people gravitate towards you like leeches to try and drain your positive energy away instead of generating their own…