Scale buildings in a single bound

Quoin International has developed a new device that will allow US marines to zip up the sides of buildings or ships with virtually no effort.All you do is fire a rope to the top of the structure using a harpoon gun or grappling hook, and then fit the rope into the device, called PowerQuick, which attaches to your climbing harness. Then just sit back and squeeze a lever.The PowerQuick personal lifting device can raise or lower a load of up to 145 kg (320 lb) at the rate of one meter per second and one battery charge would be sufficient to climb 250 meters (five times the height of the Statue of Liberty.)The solid fuel military version was designed for hostage rescue and urban warfare. However, the battery-powered civilian version had been designed with commercial applications such as building repair, logging or window washing in mind.”[Link via We Make Money Not Art]