Mundane, repetitive computer tasks

Apple’s Automator application that comes bundled with Tiger seemed like a useless piece of fluff that I’d never use, but I decided to give it a try recently. I built a workflow that lets me click on any image, have it resized to 150 pixels wide, and file the original and the scaled versions in seperate directories. This took me all of five minutes, and it’s saving me a lot of time when I create images for my blog. Before, I had to open iResize, choose an image, type in 150, and type in the name to save the new file as, which took at least three minutes.My brain is wired for the UNIX command line, so using a graphical workflow to build scripts isn’t intuitive for me, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. What mundane tasks do you wish you could automate? I’m still looking for a way to email an image directly from a webpage, surely this is a common task?