Eggshell golfwear to combat static electricity

Japanese company Descente Ltd. is selling pants for golfers made from the water-absorbent membrane that lines the inside of chicken eggs. The membrane, which is a protein, is turned into a powder, after which it is attached to polyester fiber. Fabric made with the polyester absorbs more water and humidity and dries more easily than regular polyester. It also helps eliminate static electricity.Right, so I don’t play golf nor do I need pants that absorb accidental leakages (yet), but I do have a problem with static electricity. It doesn’t matter what pants I wear, because every time I open a car or office door I get shocked…badly. I like to think it’s the immense power contained in my brain which is overflowing into household objects that causes me to nearly wet myself when trying to escape my office, but it might just be the pants. If these pants aren’t those hideous pleated things that make it look like your nuts have spontaneously generated an enormous amount of helium and are trying to float away via the top of your pants, then I might be inclined to try them out. Link