Multi-touch interaction experiment

multi-touch interaction experimentThis video demo of a multi-touch screen blew my mind into itty, bitty chunks: a touch screen that can handle multiple inputs at once. Not too amazing on paper, but when you see the video you’ll realise why this revolution is too long in the coming. I’ve already had a taste of using gesturing as an input on my Powerbook, where I can use one finger on the trackpad to move the mouse cursor and two to scroll around, and it’s a faster and more natural method than mouse wheels, but this screen takes it to a new level. Go from typing on the screen, to moving objects around with your fingers, to resizing stuff by dragging two fingers apart, to flying around a 3D map with simple gestures. Technology this awe-inspiring makes me feel funny in the pants. Video linkUpdate: Found the original research site with more information and a downloadable quicktime video here.Check out Jeff Han’s other work here, some amazing ideas and experiments. Talk about a dream job!