Mummified body found in front of TV

boozing mummy Last month, Johannas Pope, 61, was found dead, wearing a white gown, and propped up in her chair in front of the TV. Her caretaker Painter put her there in 2004, because Pope thought she’d come back to life eventually, and naturally, she didn’t want to be buried.Family members kept an aircon running in the room, which slowly mummified the body, and Painter removed the maggots from the body daily, until they became too numerous and she resorted to bugspray. She even bought the corpse new clothes just before officials discovered it. When the aircon broke down the corpse started to smell, but this didn’t seem to bother the family members still living in the house, and Pope’s body was only discovered after a relative phoned the police saying they hadn’t seen her in years. Pope died of a heart attack. Link