Speed limits

speeding finesSarah at Phunkd.co.za is complaining about laser speedtrap detectors, saying they should be banned. I’ve got a better solution.

I often drive at 20km/h over the limit, because it’s just not physically possible for me to crawl along at 60km/h on some of the dual-lane roads around Cape Town. A device like this would save me getting those stupid R200 fines for going 75km/h in a 60 zone, which might endanger any grannies who’ve wandered into the road and fallen asleep (who happen to be wearing tar-coloured camouflage).

At least give us a seperate drivers license, charged at a premium of R1000, which lets certain drivers who’ve passed advanced driving and reaction time tests drive up to 20km/h over the speed limit. That way people who panic and slam on the brakes at the first sign of trouble are restricted to speeds in which that strategy will work, and those of us who’ve been playing computer games for most of their adult lives, and can evaluate an escape strategy in a split second, aren’t forced to crawl about with the old people. An added benefit is that people with old cars that can’t handle sudden swerves, etc. can’t afford the license, so no issues with Frikkie in his Ford Escort thinking he can outmanoeuver that BMW M3 when his brakes hardly work.