Web 2.0 business plans based on strategic vision of “let’s build cool shit”

personality dnaUnusual personality test built on sliding scales and quadrant positioning rather than the usual multiple choice format. Apparently I’m a reserved leader, although I don’t think my empathy (red bit in bottom right) is quite that low. Go to the site to get the mouse-overable version of the map.PersonalDNA was built by a company called Attap which seems to be one of these Web 2.0 companies that may actually build something useful one day.So far, their Riffs site, which lets you rate anything with everyone, seems to be the only vaguely practical application they’ve made, although I have no idea how they expect to make money out of it. It’s not something people will subscribe to, and Google Adsense isn’t much of an income stream to base a company on, and they don’t even have that on their site anyway. Maybe they’re just selling your clickstream data to Big Brother.Link