Nightmare of feature creep

feature creep sucks energyIt turns out that getting any new equipment is rather like getting a new baby. It all looks so easy when you’re in the hospital. But when you get home, you don’t have a clue what to do with it. One survey showed that 56 percent of consumers who bought a high-tech device were overwhelmed by it. LinkShort rant in a Dave Barry style about how things are more complex than they need to be. I agree, but even though everyone bitches about technology getting too complex, we still go out and buy crap we don’t need or can’t use properly. I used to love tinkering with operating systems and software to get everything just the way I like it, but now I prefer things that just work and interoperate without me pleading and performing voodoo dances with dead chickens. I do all my work on a Apple Powerbook, and I’ve never been happier. It does everything I need with less blood, sweat, and tears. So when someone who is technically minded and has no problem with recompiling kernels and writing code starts craving simplicity, then there’s definitely going to be a backlash against complexity soon.Hopefully Apple’s growing popularity will force designers and engineers to realise that people are more interested in buying products with less features that are easier to use, rather than the current monstrosities that will do anything you wish, as long as you have a few years to really plan your wish and figure out how to place it.