SARS eFiling: file your income tax return online

tax man

N.B! This blog is not affiliated with SARS, so do not register here thinking it’s SARS efiling or request help with your fracking tax return. Seriously, what’s wrong with you people? Read the fracking text before you post sensitive information on random websites… No wonder phishing always catches you morons.


I’ve always hated doing my income tax return, but I especially hate dropping it off. In Durbanville you’re forced to drive to a really dodgy area of Bellville, find parking while being harassed by “car guards”, and then you have to wander around with an envelope that lets every petty criminal in the neighbourhood know you’ve got money. It’s about time that SARS jacked up their systems so we can do our returns online. It also means that their data mining is more efficient, so they can find the cheaters more easily, which hopefully means our income tax will get reduced again soon. Link

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