Programmable tattoos

dermal displayI wake up when my body monitor gently stimulates my brain, the way a beam of sun on my skin would, since it’s decided I’ve had enough rest and I’m in a shallow enough sleep state to be woken. I check the display on my hand, and realise it’s 9am Saturday; time to go for a surf. I choose my favourite sun tattoo for my back so I can show it off at the beach; no one at the office is going to be offended by my extravagant body art there. And I add an emoticon to my cheek to let everyone know I’m in a happy, approachable mood. I finish up by checking the surf report on my arm, looks good so far, and place a video call to my surf buddies on my other arm. They’re up for a surf. I switch all my unused skin displays off and set my phone to only accept emergency calls, then I’m gone for a beautiful day in the sun.It’s science fiction for now, but scientists and engineers are well on the way to designing programmable subcutaneous visible implants that could make it a reality. I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I know I’ll get bored with it in a month, so being able to change it whenever I want to would be awesome. They’d better make the security tight though; I won’t be pleased if I get a virus that displays a huge dong on my forehead.Link Similar article on Discovery Channel