Web hosting that doesn’t destroy your wallet

Web hosting in South Africa is still a ripoff. No thanks to Telkom’s monopoly on expensive communication services. I’ve had plenty of good experiences with Hetzner, and even though you get 20GB bandwidth when you host on their German servers, 100MB diskspace is just not enough. Plus they don’t host Ruby on Rails applications yet, which was a major selling point for me.So after looking through ten million flaky hosting servers, I tried out Dreamhost.com on the suggestion of Whiteafrican.com, and I’m more than satisfied. It’s dirt cheap at $10 a month, compared to South African hosting services, and you get 1TB of bandwidth and 20GB diskspace, which increase each week so you’ll never run out. I’m hosting Connectal.com there, and their support and control panels are great. You can add subdomains, register new domains, install loads of mysql databases, use FastCGI, PHP 4, PHP 5, and just about everything I need. The only thing I’m not happy with is that they do not have PostgreSQL available, and it happens to be the one database I love. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.Go to dreamhost.com if you’re interested, and if you sign up you can enter promo code ‘DIGSAM’ for a $30 discount.