How to stop hot linkers wasting your bandwidth

Some rodent in the EA games forum decided to use a direct link to my logo as his profile image, thus wasting my bandwidth, so I decided to teach him a lesson using Apache’s mod_rewrite. After reading up on it’s cryptic syntax, and having many horrific flashbacks to Perl development of days gone by, I added this to my .htaccess: RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://forum\.eagames\.co\.uk/ [NC] RewriteRule media/logo.jpg media/twit.jpg [L]And now his profile image looks like this:Et Voila!Mod_rewrite guide on Apache.orgTutorial – Stopping hotlinking completelyThe offender – search for ‘ninjamonkey’Update: Apparently this has been done before. This can happen on the net, what with billions of people and all. But to those grumpy old men who’ve been whining that there are posts with better writeups: all the posts I’ve seen are long, boring, and not nearly as funny. So if you really know of a better one, put it in the comments here or go back to yelling at the kids on your front lawn.Update 2: Youpi at reddit suggested a Goatse redirect. An excellent idea! However, that would involve me finding a Goatse image and testing it, most likely resulting in me blowing chunks into my lovely Apple keyboard. An unpleasant prospect at best, especially since I have never seen the Goatse image and hope to live out the rest of my days that way.