Things I learnt at the 24 hours of Wiesenhof mountain bike race

  1. 24 hours of WiesenhofSpiders do not make good shower buddies.
  2. Track marshalls who don’t warn you that they’re sitting on the edge of a rock filled canyon are bastards.
  3. My fitness is non-existent.
  4. 38 degree heat and a maxed out heart rate make me dizzy to the point of chundering on uphills.
  5. You can judge how technical a track is by the number of people limping around with bandages dripping blood. (glad to say I didn’t fall, even though I flew downhill)
  6. Riding at night is fooking brilliant, even when you can’t see anything outside the 60cm diameter circle of light in front of you.
  7. I love single track, I hate uphills, and dust is kindof tasty after the fifth mouthful.
  8. Camping out with good mates, beers, and some crazy adrenalin sport thrown in for good measure is awesome!

Hope everyone had an epic weekend!

p.s. Thanks to Dirtopia for organising a great event.