Cut the negativity

SAPSA favourite South African past-time is bitching about how useless our police force is, but I’d like to see the whiners do a better job! There’s no chance in hell I’ll become a policeman, so I’m stoked that people actually want to do the job for us. Yes, I’m sick and tired of crime…No, that’s not right. When the hell would anyone be okay with crime? I’m sick and tired of the negativity about South Africa! We live in a fantastic place, and for all the people bitching and moaning about crime, unemployment, etc., there are just as many people getting off their arses and doing something about it. I know humans are adapted to focus on the negative as a survival instinct, but get over it already. I’m tired of reading the newspapers and seeing the latest murders, rapings, etc. with vokol good news. That’s why, when I see sites like the SAPS success journal and SA Rocks, I get more and more excited about the potential of this country. Keep up the great work people!