Please daddy, can I have a rocket belt?

rocket beltTAM is the only company in the world that produces a complete turn-key package of a flying rocket belt, custom-made to the pilot’s weight and body size. (up to 300 lbs. / 136 Kg). We use the most advanced technology and aerospace materials , including: 1. A fully-tested, custom-made flying rocket belt, 2. This belt has been proved to be the most stable design and easier to fly 3. A special machine to make our own unlimited supply of rocket fuel 4. Hands-on training in the process and the equipment 5. Flight training of 10 flights in your own rocket belt 6. Maintenance and setup training 7. 24/7 expert support 8. Housing and food are included during trainingThe total price for all this is only $250,000 usd. LinkFrackin’eh! Okay folks, send your donations. Now.