The Official Cleavage Day

denis showing cleavage in mauiWell, it’s that wonderful time of the year again. No, not Easter, I’m talking about Cleavage Day! Boobs, glorious boobs!

Now, I’m slightly confused as to the exact date, it could be the 5th, 7th, or 8th, and Chumpstyle and Splattermail mistakenly believe it to be the 30th of March, but it obviously has to be on my birthday, so it’s definitely the 8th of April.

Update: Since Wonderbra are keeping this wonderful celebration going, we’ll follow their example and say that the 4th of April is cleavage day.

Cleavage day is not just about giving us men an excuse to ogle, it’s also about raising awareness for breast cancer. So ladies, please look after your numbies, we beg of you. Think of the children! Go read up at, and come to us for a free checkup if needs be. And lads, don’t forget that we’re not immune.

Tired of looking? Find your own cleavage to go motorboat on with DatingBuzz!

Thanks to SPORTSbyBROOKS for bringing much joy to this event with this gallery:

Jenna cleavageJenna boobsjenna cleavagekim cleavagekim cleavagelisa marie cleavageleah cleavagejenna cleavagedenise cleavagealex cleavagecora cleavagecrystal cleavagebrittany cleavagekalia cleavagedenise cleavagerebecca and brittany cleavage