Vigne-a-vigne 2007 50km mountain bike

Crossing the finish lineOne word: brutal! Don’t know how the Cape Epic guys and gals do it day after day. The Vigne-a-vigne, 50km of technical, steep, and hot riding, nearly broke me. It started with 30km of climbing till we were above the tree line, where it’s too steep for trees to grow, and then 20km of downhills, flats, and some more climbs. Still don’t know how the organisers managed to put in more climbing than downhill.Best parts: One sweet 2-3km downhill through the shady forest that was smooth and fast, not crashing, crossing the finish line, and my bike not breaking down on me.Worst parts: Eating dust, hot climb back over the mountain, having a few near death experiences negotiating the vertical sandpit they dared called a singletrack, and running out of water 10km from the finish.All in all a great ride, and one I’ll be tackling next year with some harder training behind me.