Time to buy our cops some guns

Willie and Petro van Niekerk helped capture four well-dressed ATM robbers after a wild car chase. Willie was using an ATM when a man tried to help him, and he got suspicious when a second “good samaritan” appeared. After seeing the men harassing two girls at the ATM, they followed the men as they left in a minivan. Eventually a policeman on the side of the road got involved in the chase and managed to pull the minivan off the road, but he didn’t have a gun and could not apprehend the suspects, so Van Niekerk held the men at bay with his wife’s revolver.Read that again. The officer did not… have. a gun. What?! Did he forget it along with his wallet? “Oh damn, forget my gun again, let’s hope no one needs arresting today…” Unfortunately this news didn’t come through on the 1st, so it’s not April Fools, it’s just the usual Government Fools. Maybe the police should save some of those illegal guns they keep burning.