Clamping down on rapists in South Africa

anti-rape deviceLater this month, South African women will be able to purchase the Rapex device, marketed as the “anti-rape condom.” The rapex, shaped like a female condom, is worn internally and equipped with 25 teeth in its lining. The razor-sharp teeth fasten on the attacker’s penis if he attempts penetration. Since the device does no lasting damage to the attacker, it is completely legal and will sell for 1 Rand (around 14 cents) when it hits stores. The majority of women surveyed about the device said they would be willing to use it. Link

Sounds great, except that rapists will just remember to check if their victims are wearing one. What women need is a form of nanobot delivered nerve-toxin that’s keyed to their, and their official lovers’, DNA, so that anyone who hasn’t been authorized gets knocked out for a few hours. Undetectable and efficient. I’m a genius. Now I just need to finish off my nanotech designs.