Facebook launches F8 development platform

facebook f8 platformFacebook launched their new development platform F8 today. It allows 3rd party developers to deploy advanced functionality within Facebook. For example: you can tag friends in videos, play rock-paper-scissors, integrate Twitter, or create a microlending network between trusted friends. If you’re on Facebook you can view a list of the apps here or see a list on Mashable. There’s an in-depth analysis over at Readwriteweb that explains why this will make Facebook grow exponentially, but I’m still not sure how 3rd party developers are going to make money unless Facebook allows some sort of advertising or micropayments. If developers can find a way to make money out of it, then this new openness of Facebook could prove to be a massive threat to the dominance of MySpace, and also give web applications the global integration APIs they’ve been missing. Keep an eye on it, there’s definitely going to be a load of new opportunities and challenges coming out of this launch.