iTerm tip to get forward (alt-f) and backward (alt-b) word working

iterm_header.pngiTerm is a fantastic replacement for the Terminal application in Mac OS X, but the standard way of jumping backwards and forwards by word doesn’t work. So after some googling I found Hackaddict’s method and adapted it to my needs.

Open iTerm.

Go to Bookmarks > Manage Profiles

Choose Keyboard Profiles on the left and edit the Global Profile

Next to Mapping, click the + sign.

For Key, choose hex code.

In the text box next to hex code, enter 0x62 for b and 0x66 for f

For Modifier, check the Option Box
For Action, choose send escape sequence
Write b or f in the input field for hex code 0x62 and 0x66 respectively.

Now alt-f will jump forward a word and alt-b backwards a word.