Bio-fuel backfires

eaorang114.jpgThink you’re saving the planet by using bio-fuel? You are, with one small catch, you’re killing off the orangutans. With the increase in demand for palm oil, forests in Borneo are being cleared for new plantations, often by using the dirty tactic of burning the forests and buying up the degraded land at a discount. As jungles are rapidly replaced by palm oil plantations, the great apes starve and are hunted, mutilated, burnt and snared by workers protecting their crops.

It seems that every time a developed country feels guilty about raping the land and designs some new “green” initiative, it gets abused by a developing country trying to make a quick buck out of it. We’ll need investment and legislation to force the use of skyscraper farms to stop these abuses, but first we need a cost-effective way of building them. Bring on the nano-tech!