Review: aXbo alarm clock wakes you up the right way

axbo_front_title.jpgThe aXbo sleep phase alarm clock wakes you up the right way, with coffee and a blowjob.

Okay, I lied. Unfortunately it isn’t as fantastic as that, but it does keep track of your sleep cycles so it can gently coax you out of slumberland instead of jarring you awake with the aural equivalent of a brick to the cranium.

It does this by monitoring a sweatband you wear on your non-dominant arm wirelessly, and when it’s time to wake up, within 30 minutes of your specified alarm time, it will try to estimate when you’re almost awake and then gently sound a tone that you can set. Much nicer than a violent beeping at 7am when you’ve just convinced Angelina Jolie that you’re a much more satisfying option than Brad Pitt.

It’s similar to the Sleeptracker watch I looked at previously, but the good folks at Identum were kind enough to send me one to review, so I can vouch for it’s effectiveness. I can’t wear a watch to bed, but the sweatband is hardly noticeable. I found the aXbo really effective when you have to change your wake up time and your body hasn’t adjusted yet. Gone are the days of groggily staring into my morning coffee at the office. Thanks aXbo!

p.s. I’m supposed to raffle my demo model off on my site, but I like it too much, so, um, I win the raffle. Mwahaha.