Android platform from Google will jumpstart innovation in the mobile industry

logo_android.gifSoftware development on the mobile platform is painful. Various incompatible extensions and badly implemented Java virtual machines cause headaches for developers and users. Google and the Open Handset Alliance are aiming to change that with their Android platform.

The platform provides an operating system, middleware, and key applications standardised across devices so the developer can program an application using Java and be guaranteed that it will run on any Android supporting device in the same way.

Great news for developers and consumers alike. We’re going to see some fantastic innovations in the mobile space now that it’s feasible. Especially since Google is jump-starting Android development by running a competition with $10 million in awards.

My favourite feature is that the standard email, calendar, etc. programs that come with your phone will be written on top of Android as well. So any other application can access the same data subject to security constraints, and you’ll even be able to replace core applications with your own. Great news if you hate the way your phone’s calendar works, but love the rest.