Call of Duty 4 review

Game of the year 2007. For me anyway. The trailer above is all from in-game graphics, nothing pre-rendered, and it really is that intense and generally awesome. Even the fact that you can’t drive vehicles like Battlefield 2142 doesn’t detract from it’s playability. This is a game that will live on in multiplayer circles even longer than Counter Strike has.

They’ve fine tuned everything from how your weapons handle to the way you move to make it truly immersive, so you come out of the game feeling like you’ve been a marine fighting for your life and your squadmates’ for a few hours. Most of the environment is physics-based, so a grenade going off in a house will knock the paintings off the wall of another room, and the sound and visuals fit together tightly to deliver a true cinematic gaming experience with none of the usual crates ‘o health or ammo boxes to remind you that it’s just an approximation of reality. This game feels real, and while some people say that’s a bad thing, those of us looking for some intense escapism will come away happy

My only complaints are:

  • Short single player campaign, but it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome, just like Portal.
  • Paper blowing around in the wind looks really fake, but you only notice that when their aren’t grenades landing at your feet and bullets ricocheting off nearby walls, which isn’t often.
  • Not being able to open doors. Seriously, I know this makes it easy on the AI singleplayer, because they’d get confused if you barreled on ahead by yourself, but it’s incredibly frustrating to stand at a door trying to wiggle the doorknob and shoot the lock off in anger only for an AI squaddie to come along and open the door for you with a nonchalant flourish. Rather let me open the door and get blown to shit by a claymore or a rabid russian with a shotgun, then I’ll know to let my squadmate to open it next time.