Review: Corne and Twakkie’s The Most Amazing Show

tmas.jpgI can sum up TMAS in one word: stupid. Forget about any intelligent humour delivered with rubber-faced funny antics like you’d expect from Robin Williams. TMAS is more along the lines of your friend drinking too much at a braai, putting his underwear over his jeanpant, making a snor out of tomato sauce, and then cracking crude jokes in a funny accent at other peoples’ expense. You’ll laugh, but secretly you’re just waiting for him to pass out so you can draw penises on his face in permanent marker and take photos to show his parents, because frankly, that’s a whole lot funnier.

If you enjoy laughing at people acting daft, and you’ve had at least four beers, then go see the show, but be warned that it’s a few laughs interspersed with long periods of dull comedy sinking under the weight of tired political jokes.

The TMAS website has details on the show, which is live at the Baxter in Cape Town from Nov 19 till Dec 1, and some videos so you’ll know what to expect.