I’m in the top 5% of Java programmers

tooting my own hornAccording to BetterProgrammer.com I passed their testing better than 95% of other test takers. However, they don’t say how many other test takers there were, and you don’t really know how many were legitimate either, but I’m still proud of my result :)

Try to beat me at http://www.betterprogrammer.com

Update: Some folks have said that it’s another stupid test that expects you to know obscure details of Java syntax, but it’s definitely not. It tests your knowledge of data structures, recursion, data types, etc. So it’s more of a computer science test than a standard lame Java test.

Update 2: Maxim Glaezer, the owner and developer of betterprogrammer.com, answered my question about the number of users who have taken the test. And the results aren’t surprising.

The site started just several months ago, but since it is difficult to
motivate programmers to pass (one more) test, there are not many
registered users. A huge percentage of test takers quit after the 3rd
task, approximately 1/3 who pass the test register, other 2/3 realize
the result will not be spectacular and quit. So, there were ~600
programmers who started and completed the whole test.

I am not sure it this site ever becomes useful or popular, looks like
only 1% of all visitors dare to start the test.

So 25th out of 1800 is okay, but what worries me is that you can take the test again, which is fine if you get a bad mark, but if you keep taking the test eventually the same questions will pop up and you can just copy and paste your solutions and get 99%. Maybe a limit of 3 chances should be enforced.