Gears of War 2 Technology Demo

Ambient occlusion, dynamic fluids, soft-body physics, AI flocking, and destructible environments? Yes please! The new Unreal Engine is looking fantastic. Now if they can add all of that to Call of Duty 5 my life would be complete. I never really got the hang of Gears of War on the PC, the controls were far too clunky for me, but the multiplayer was insanely fun. And Unreal Tournament 3 is vaguely fun as a multiplayer game, but going up against COD4 and Crysis it just doesn’t cut it anymore without a story.

  • Ambient occlusion: Deals with bounced light off objects to enhance the contrast of objects and characters to make them more realistic with believable shadowing.
  • Dynamic fluids: Make water look and behave like water. Your character and weapons interact with it making waves and splashes so you could make a boat game with the new Unreal Engine that will behave properly.
  • Soft-body physics: Games have only really done physics with rigid body, ragdoll, and cloth physics. With soft-body physics you can make jelly that looks and acts like jelly, making characters and objects deform realistically.
  • AI flocking: With the new ambient occlusion tech they can render many more characters on screen, so you can have literally hundreds of AI enemies bearing down on you. And they’ll do it realistically using flocking technology to get around stuff and push each other out the way instead of just walking through each other the way most games bug out.
  • Destructible environments: The holy grail of gaming. Being able to bend the world to your will. Conflict: Denied Ops tried to do this, but the result was cartoonish. Unreal is trying it themselves, and the result is impressive, but they’ve still built in artificial limits in that you can blow a wall to pieces, but it will still be standing with the steel structure underneath. A bit of a cheat so you can’t blow your way out of a level.