Earth to be sucked into a blackhole mid-July

Construction of LHC at CERNCampaigners in the US are attempting to delay the start-up of the world’s most powerful particle smasher with a lawsuit claiming it could spawn dangerous particles or mini black holes that will destroy the entire Earth. [NewScientist]

Typical overreaction. Just because we don’t understand black holes yet, that doesn’t mean that if we accidentally created one in the basement we wouldn’t be able to control it…. Oh well, shit happens.

Just reading the facts gives me goosebumps:

  • The largest machine in the world.
  • The fastest racetrack on the planet.
  • The emptiest space in the solar system.
  • The hottest spots in the galaxy, but even colder than outer space.
  • The biggest and most sophisticated detectors ever built.

Reminds me of the difference between normal people and scientists.

To be honest, I think we only really need to start worrying when they manage to build particle accelerators around Jupiter like they do in Joe Haldeman’s Forever Peace (Not his best book, read Forever War instead, which borders on perfection).