Q&A: Should I study Java or C#?

Q: Should I study Java or C#?

A: 1) Java is still way ahead of C# and always will be because it’s cross-platform, more open, and better at server stuff. Only Microsoft developers will tell you it’s the way ahead because they don’t see past the technologies they’re spoon-fed (yes, that’s meant to be inflammatory :)).

2) Focusing on specific technologies is a terrible idea, because your skills we be obsolete in a few years. If you want to improve yourself, go study computer science through a university to really understand computing or join an open source project to learn how to collaborate with programmers who are most likely smarter than you who’ll teach you more code techniques and guru-level knowledge than you’ll ever pick up in a crappy 6 month Java course.

If you truly understand computing from the machine right up to high-level organisation then any technology they can throw at you can be learned and understood quickly, but if you’ve limited your thinking to Java or C# then any paradigm shift will blind-side you and leave you on the side of the road with the Cobol developers.