Battlefield: Bad Company demo review

I downloaded the Bad Company demo last night from the PSN store. It’s a beast at 1.6gb, but it includes multiplayer with one map so you’ll be playing for a few hours at least and apparently there’s a unique unlock at level 4 of the demo for achievement whores (like me).

It’s as pretty as COD4, seems a bit buggy which is to be expected from DICE, and has the standard Battlefield gameplay with a focused front that moves around as objectives are secured. Not sure what the other game modes are, but the gold mode is loads of fun. The single player looks fun, with semi-decent AI and an interesting story far from the usual heroics.

The major selling point is the destructible buildings. In one section a guy jumped off a building over a wall to escape my hail of bullets, and instead of trying to find a path to him I just launched a grenade into the wall to make a hole, popped through, and shot him in his surprised face. COD4’s bullet penetration is great, but this is on a whole new level. Nowhere is safe! I nearly shat myself when a tank came barrelling straight through the building I was trying to hide in before it got lodged in the next wall when it lost momentum and I managed to plant C4 on it. Great success! In another section I was bearing down on a group of enemies at high speed in my tank when I tried to cross a bridge. A bridge they had laced with C4. Needless to say I ended up in the drink as the bridge fell to pieces.

Verdict: If you enjoyed Call of Duty 4, Crysis, or anything in the Battlefield series, then you’ll love this game.

Update: Found a great tips video on youtube that might show you some class-specific tricks you’ve missed, like the tracer darts the specialist class can use on tanks to allow RPGs to home in on them. It really shows how team-oriented this game is, definitely not easy to go lone wolf style like you can do in COD4.

Update 2: I’ve collected all the parodies of Rainbow Six, Gears of War, and Metal Gear Solid as well as the two best trailers in this post.