Corporate development statistics

Fifty percent of respondents said a typical project cost between $1 million and $5 million, and 7 percent pegged it at more than $20 million.

As for labor, some 63 percent said it took less than 200 “person-months” to finish a project, while 38 percent said it took at least 2,000.

Meanwhile, more than one-third of projects are abandoned after being implemented, and only 37 percent of finished projects met users’ needs.

Analyst: In-house app development fraught with waste | InfoWorld | News | 2008-08-14 | By Chris Kanaracus, IDG News Service

I’m so glad I don’t work in corporate anymore. Brilliant leaders with strong programming and design skills are hard to find, so most corporate projects are just rudderless ships waiting for the sponsors to realise they’ve been going in circles for three years.