Why piracy is so tempting

Far Cry 2 is out on the 21st October everywhere except South Africa. In SA we get it on the 24th if we’re lucky. However, the torrent sites already have dvd clones appearing, and if there is a crack available before the 24th why would I not want to play the game before I get my legal copy? When piracy is delivering your goods quicker than your retail channels maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy. Instead of Steam and it’s crap slow downloads, make a BitTorrent copy available that doubles as a demo, so everyone can get your game quickly and buy activation keys from a failsafe website.

If Little Big Planet was available on PC and they started this bullshit we would have seen millions of people rushing to download illegal copies simply because the legal variant was denied to them. This is why publishers fear the PC and are trying to retain control by only publishing on consoles, because the PC gives the consumer control and that’s supposedly bad for business. Maybe they should focus less on DRM and more on getting their damn games running properly.