DejaClick Firefox plugin repeats so you don’t have to

Nothing irritates me more than having to do the same thing repeatedly, so logging in to my internet router and doing the 14 steps required to switch from my work to my home ADSL account twice a day was grating my carrot. And I f#cking hate things grating my carrot.

Bring on DejaClick, the niftiest Firefox plugin you’ll ever find. It can record any webpage usage, including javascript and other weirdness that most proxy recorders can’t handle, and then it can play it back as many times as you want. So now it’s a two click process to switch accounts, and soon I’ll find a way to hack a favourites thing into Dejaclick to have one button to switch.

This is why I love Firefox. Between the DejaClick (install link),, StumbleUpon, and Firebug plugins, I have all my needs covered.

What indispensable plugins have you found?