Far Cry 2 Review


  • Stunning graphics
  • Immersive. Digging out bullets, the thump of a grenade launcher, great first-person animation, etc.
  • Fire! Burn! Burn good! Once you get hold of the flamethrower your heart will fill with glee, until you accidentally torch yourself.
  • Interesting story, if you manage to follow it.


  • Difficult to follow story. I know we talk quickly in Africa, but these guys rattle off their lines as if they’re racing each other to get to the end of the script. Most of the time I had to hit escape to check what I was supposed to do right after an NPC explained it to me at mach 3. And the voices were far too soft, but that may be a hardware problem.
  • Immersiveness gets tedious when you have to schlep across kilometres of terrain just to pick up a new mission. Why the hell do I have to pick up a folder just to learn that I need to go to place X to kill person Y for being a twat?! I have a cellphone you muppets! MMS me his damn mugshot.
  • Unvaried missions. Ubisoft boasted about 80 hours of gameplay, but it’s actually 6 hours repeated ad nauseam.
  • Fracking guard posts. I know everyone has whined about this, and I tried to make the most of it by taking them out in creative ways, but after clearing out your 100th post you’ll quickly start trekking cross country on foot just to have a break from the instantly respawning guards. I would’ve preferred a GTA style open world, maybe let us bribe guard posts or wear one or the other side’s uniform.
  • Weapons. There are some fantastic weapons, but once you settle on a sniper rifle, uzi, and flamethrower, nothing else comes close to being as effective. Snipe all the guards and mortar bastards, move in with the flamethrower to cause chaos and kill most guards, then use the uzi near your objective so you don’t torch yourself. Rinse & repeat.


Worth a play, but you will go from loving it to hating it about halfway through. Multiplayer is quite fun, but for some reason there are no local servers in South Africa so I’m playing more Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty: World at War now.